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‘Strands of Gold’ - available from all good bookshops, and as an e-book for Amazon Kindle.
ISBN 1-4137-0453-0


‘Strands of Gold’

Set against a backcloth which ranges from the stifling conformity of colonial Singapore to the blistering heat of the Australian outback,  ‘Strands of Gold’ charts the struggle of Lucy Rowlands to escape from the brutality of a loveless marriage and create a new life.  In the sailing ketch Selangor Lady  she and her companions begin their perilous journey to Australia, and new identities. Then comes discovery, and Lucy’s escape with the enigmatic Greg Lamont involves solving the clue to a gold strike made twenty-five years before, somewhere in the barren wastes north of Kalgoorlie.
EDITORIAL NOTE:Strands of Gold’ is what used to be called a ‘rattling good yarn’ and holds the reader spellbound; but it is the characters, Matthew and Jarvis, Greg, and Lucy herself, who draw the reader into their absorbing world, to linger in the mind long after the story is told.
Readers comments on ‘Strands of Gold’.

‘This book was not written by a writer: it was written by a skilled storyteller, a true novelist. Good job!’

‘Wonderful book. Strong characters. The history of each character unravelled and came together again with others like a strand of gold...’

‘Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.’

‘She has the knack of holding the reader’

‘Well written with great characters and descriptive scenery, it keeps you hooked to the end.’

‘Read it in 2 days, couldn’t put it down.’

‘Strands of Gold’ - available from all good bookshops, etc. ISBN 1-4137-0453-0

Shimmer Creek had been masquerading under the name of town ever since the large mining companies  moved out, having ravaged the remains of the diggings with large dredges, which extracted every last mite of gold from the ‘tailings’ left by the hand diggers. With the departure of these companies, Shimmer Creek saw the last of the gold fever which had been its reason for existence. There appeared to be no hotel, no bank and no guest house. There was however a dusty store, and Greg and Lucy entered it gratefully. The storekeeper recognised the signs  immediately , and had answers ready before they asked the questions.

‘Yep, this is Shimmer Creek, no... there  ain’t no hotel, but you can get a room and a meal at the pub down the street, bloke name of McShane.’Greg thanked him and they went in search of McShanes pub, which proved to be as dingy and unkempt as the rest of the town. The bar was empty, and as they entered they were met by an overpowering smell of stale beer and tobacco.  McShane himself was a heavily bearded Irishman with a huge belly, which bulged painfully at the buttons on his beer stained shirt. However, after he had got over his surprise at being introduced to what he called ‘a female person’, he confirmed he had rooms, but looked askance at Greg’s request for two.